Elliott Smith: Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition OUT NOW

You've heard the covers, seen the videos, streamed the live recordings, and, if you're like us, admired JJ Gonson's never before seen photographs. And it's all been leading up to today.
Elliott Smith's self-titled 25th anniversary reissue is out now!!! Listen to the beautifully remastered tracks and previously unreleased live recordings. Remastered by Larry Crane - Telegraph Mastering.

Portia Sabin - emeritus president of Kill Rock Stars:
"During the time I ran KRS, there was a constant demand for more pictures of Elliott and his world. On a whim, I asked JJ if she might have taken any more around the time that she shot the cover photo for the self-titled album. We’re all incredibly lucky that she had, and that she’s decided to share them with the world. I’m very proud of this LP book and everyone who worked on it so lovingly, and I hope it brings people as much joy as his music always does."
JJ Gonson - photographer:
"This project has shone a light on the deep joy that this record brings to so many people. I’m honored to be a part of it all, still, after all these years."
Larry Crane - producer:
"It was truly an honor to oversee the remastering of Elliott Smith’s second, self-titled solo album, and to mix and restore the live recordings from Umbra Penumbra."
Slim Moon - president of Kill Rock Stars:
"This was the first album I helped Elliott put out. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with this expanded version that highlights Elliott’s personality and skill and helps keep his music fresh and alive for another generation."
To make things even better, all items shipped benefit USPS.
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Watch the lyric video for 'Needle In The Hay.'