Marisa Anderson 'The White Lady Loves You More' - Elliott Smith Cover

An exciting mix of artists are covering songs from Elliott Smith's self-titled album as we lead up to the 25th Anniversary release, out August 28th. Marisa Anderson's cover of 'The White Lady Loves You More' is out now, making it the second track from the series following Califone's cover of 'Needle In The Hay.' 
"The challenge of covering an Elliott Smith song is daunting. When the words are stripped away what is revealed at the core of 'The White Lady Loves You More' is delicate and mysterious. After building it up and tearing it down several times, I arrived at a deconstructive approach, following the vocals as closely as I could, treating my guitar as an acapella voice."
-Marisa Anderson
"Marisa takes the original and turns it into an instrumental, American Primitivism-style guitar song, and her reinvention of the song is absolutely gorgeous in its minimalism, proving that sometimes less really is more."
-Andrew Sacher - Brooklyn Vegan's Exclusive Premiere