Elliott Smith

An Introduction To...

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For those looking to discover Elliott Smith for the first time, or longtime fans seeking a collection of his greatest work, An Introduction To... offers a thoughtfully curated compilation spanning the length of his career and posthumous releases. Highlighting his many talents, An Introduction To... depicts a musician capable of intensely intimate songwriting, from reflective and affecting lyricism, to remarkable pop sensibilities. A defining look back on his diverse and influential discography, this compilation delves deep into what makes Elliott Smith an emotional touchstone for so many listeners the world over.

1. Ballad Of Big Nothing
2. Waltz #2 (XO)
3. Pictures Of Me
4. The Biggest Lie
5. Alameda
6. Between The Bars
7. Needle In The Hay

8. Last Call
9. Angeles
10. Twilight
11. Pretty (Ugly Before)
12. Angel In The Snow
13. Miss Misery (Early Version)
14. Happiness (Single Version)

Cat. No. KRS541
Release date: November 1st, 2010