Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith

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Elliott Smith’s eponymous second album continued where his debut, Roman Candle, left off. Through whispered choruses, subtle fingerpicking, and haunting melodies, Elliott Smith envelops listeners in deeply personal confidence, as if one were privy to thoughts forbidden from being shared aloud. In its bleakness, Elliott Smith showcases the titular songwriter’s ability to produce melancholy works of art without ever becoming maudlin. This second album cemented Smith’s reputation for hypnotic and unapologetically raw music in the eyes of fans and critics alike, and paved the way for a career of profound musical and personal exploration.

1.Needle in the Hay
2.Christian Brothers
4.Southern Belle
5.Single File
6.Coming Up Roses

8.Alphabet Town
9.St. Ides Heaven
10.Good to Go
11.The White Lady Loves You More
12.The Biggest Lie

Cat. No. KRS246
Release date: July 21st, 1995