Elliott Smith

New Moon

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Compiling 24 unreleased tracks, New Moon features a raw and virtually unmodified look at Elliott Smith’s early period as a solo artist. Recorded between 1994 and 1997, the songs on New Moon capture Smith on the crest of a creative wave, having been written around the time of his acclaimed self-titled LP and the seminal Either/Or. While often understated and sparse, the songs on New Moon and their accompanying liner notes present a version of Smith that is inherently hopeful and brimming with the possibilities of burgeoning success. A must-listen compilation for anyone seeking the complete picture of Smith’s creative life.

1. Angel In The Snow
2. Talking To Mary
3. High Times
4. New Monkey
5. Looking Over My Shoulder
6. Going Nowhere

7. Riot Coming
8. All Cleaned Out
9. First Timer
10. Go By
11. Miss Misery (Early Version)
12. Thirteen

13. Georgia, Georgia
14. Whatever (Folk Song In C)
15. Big Decision
16. Placeholder
17. New Disaster
18. Seen How Things Are Hard

19. Fear City
20. Either / Or
21. Pretty Mary K (Other Version)
22. Almost Over
23. See You Later
24. Half Right

Cat. No. KRS455
Release date: May 8th, 2007