Portland Cello Project feat. Nafisaria Mathews

Christian Brothers

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The mood of the song seems to fit the mood of the world right now. The 6-bar phrase is as off-kilter-but-natural as my brain has been feeling.

With Portland on COVID lockdown we couldn’t practice together ahead of time. (Didn’t want to risk anyone’s health/Nafisaria is pregnant, etc.) The first time we played together was at Jackpot! where we just did drums, bass, vocals and guitar, and Larry produced and gave arrangement suggestions. We were all wearing masks and in separate rooms for the whole session. I wrote the string arrangements that night based on what we came up with in the studio, and we did the strings and trumpet last.


Lead Vocals: Nafisaria Mathews
Backing Vocals: Maiah Wynne
Drums: Tyrone Hendrix
Bass: JP Downer
Trumpet: Farnell Newton
Guitar: Douglas Jenkins
Cellos: Portland Cello Project

Produced: Larry Crane
String Arrangement: Douglas Jenkins

Cat. No. KRS672
Release date: August 25, 2020